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What is Ashtanga [ remix ] ?

This class is a breath-focused primal Vinyasa, inspired by Ashtanga Series.

It's an experiment, continously changing and re-adjusting.

It is strongly connected to Ashtanga vision of the practice as an energywork, stimulating - throught breath and positions - the dual principal forces inside us: PRANA (creation, expansion) and APANA (stillness, contraction).

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is the foundation of this sequence because creates a deep awareness on the power of breath, a courageous attitude to work in discomfort to meet our emotions, the research of stillness and conscious transitioning.

Nonetheless, the traditional system of Ashtanga lacks of compassion for the practitioners and understanding of the infinite combinations and changes of their psyches and bodies. By being strictly propaedeutic (first this, then that / only if you do it like this..) this system makes the practice mainly concerned on the form, on how we look from the outside, more than how we feel inside. 

This class combines a lot of different positions of the Series of Ashtanga, traditionally taught in a strict succession which takes years to access, or maybe never. In Ashtanga Remix we interact with many of them in a different order (forward fold, backbend, arm balance, twist, inverted) by alternating position/counterposition or sequence/counter-sequence more frequently.

It's also contaminated by traditional Hatha, Dhrama Yoga and Kriya Yoga.

It's an intense sequence, definitely oriented to the therapeutic aspects of yoga practices, but with pleasure. We have to find pleasure in the connection with our vital forces inside us. It's not interested in the acrobatic and performative outlook

It aims to give more importance to the way we feel and vibrate, instead of how we should be or look.

Please come and join to give your contribution to the research!





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