Top 3 Yoga Mat

When our practice gets consistent and we commit with the yogic path, a good yoga mat is a first need. The mats on the market are many and to determine the best one for us, we have to consider factors such as:

⁃ the type of practice we're doing - more dynamic or more gentle / meditative;

⁃ what we are working on: balance, transitions, seated postures, inverted, etc;

⁃ if we are living a sedentary life or a nomadic life, often changing places.

A fundamental concept for yogis is the grip: if the mat has grip, you can apply pressure with hands and feet on the ground without slipping. Sometimes, during certain transitions, it is preferable to have less grip in order to be able to move more smoothly in contact with the ground. This is therefore a fundamental element in choosing our ideal mat.


For years at the top of the charts, considered the most professional mat and with advanced technology material, we all have bought it in different models and colors from year to year. In fact, it is often changedif you practice every day or very frequently, this mat loses its initial grip very fast. The 6mm version is perfect for a practice with ground pressure on bones (eg. inverted) because it is very thick. The 3mm version is still the best model to carry while travelingexcellent balance between weight, suitability for luggage, grip maintenance. However, it is super thin for seated sequences.

All models feature useful lines for posture alignments. The material is difficult to handle and clean without risking to lose its grip. Very well advertised on social media, so much to push competitors to create similar and perhaps more resistant models (Decathlon).



To date, our favorite. A warranty.

It is an expense that varies between 70.00 - 110.00 €, but for sure you do it once, because this product lasts for years. Perfect grip that does not fade over time, different and intelligent thicknesses, neutral colors very much in line with the sense of the practice: we do it to focus and center the mind on the here and now, to quiet the continuous flows of thought. Unlike other mats, it is not sold with its own bag and therefore must be purchased separately. The thicker version has a light weight compared to similar models from other brands, so it is easy to carry even on foot or by bicycle without damaging your shoulders. This mat is definitely ideal for those who love the saying "less is more".



This Made in Italy mat is produced with recyclable natural material and is offered in many variations and thicknesses, even customizable with your name. The grip is excellent, in all models, from the thinnest (1.5 mm) to the thickest (6 mm). It is double-sided, that is, we can use it on both sides, unlike the other mats above mentioned. Cheerful colors, sometimes a little too much vibrant, but that's a ashtangi talking ;) . The price is democratic and we love when things of value are accessible to everyone. Good guys!


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