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Yoga as a Therapy

One-to-one sessions were the traditional way to teach and practice yoga.

In Yoga Therapy the teacher creates one or more sequences tailored-made for the student, based on his/her emotional and/or physical needs. It's a personal approach based on the specific needs of the practitioner, becoming the most efficient way to get the real meaning of this ancient science. With this session it's possible to support psychological healing paths and work on our major problems - anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, stress, anger.

It can also be focused on rehabilitation to movement after operations or trauma.

"The body keeps the score" as psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk says. We think we have everything undercontrol, as long as the physical/mental pain pops out and there's no apparent reason for that. We tend to deny, hide, cover our emotions, but unfortunately this modus operandi has an impact on our health.

Through the body, we access our energy realm and emotions. With yoga positions, breathing tecnhiques and breath control while inside postures, we can discover a lot about our shadow and its patterns, thus change the way we act and react to it. Instead of hiding and covering, we train the mind, through the body, to stay calm, resilient, patient, ready to accept the hardness that comes.

On a sensorial level, we feel relief. The posture combined with the vibration of the yogic breath give a massage to the organs,  tissues, fascia, thus helping the  nervous system to relax. Our nervous system is the door to access to the only thing that we can control - our energy.

By unblocking hidden emotions and transcending the things that cause us deep pain, we can become alchemists and start our most authentic personal growth. By changing our vibration, we change that of the people around us and so the world, bringing a healthier vibration to our nature. We think that to care about our emotions can be a very wise and political act too.

Yoga Therapy sessions may vary from 1hour to 1h 30min. Longer sessions must be decide in accordance with the teacher.

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The purpose of Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that derives from the root yuj which means to unite, join, mix.
At a basic level, we talk about the harmonization of the body with mind and soul, in order to form a holistic whole.
At a more sophisticated level, Yoga indicates the state of union and harmony of our energy with the Cosmic Energy. By saying sophisticated, we consider that the energy world is often considered a New Age or hippie concept, even though Sciences largely prove its laws and existance.
Yoga is defined as the science of Self Realization (or Self-Love), by rediscovering our true nature as a spiritual beings that dwell momentarily in physical vehicles and use them as a tool to relate to the outside world and make experience. This is the maximum achievement and purpose of all our efforts in the practices of yoga.

At a practical level, it is a process of purification of the body, the energy system that leads to the recognition and realization that we are not separate from each other and from the immense and eternal Cosmic Consciousness - the Intelligence that creates the whole.

The word Yoga refers also to the methods and the process of reaching this state of Union. We can therefore say that Yoga is both the goal and the journey. 

What People Say


Michela, Milan (IT)

Food Blogger, Model


Trovare un’insegnante che sappia arrivare così profondamente in me non è stato semplice mentre con te , Carol, lo è stato da subito! Mi ricordo ancora come in quegli anni spaesata e nuova del modo yoga , ero alla ricerca  di una guida, di qualcuno che mi risuonasse dentro. In una lezione che neanche dovevo seguire ,ho trovato te ,Carol e la tua dolcezza. Empaticamente ho capito subito che potevi essere tu la mia luce in quel percorso che volevo intraprendere con tutta me stessa.

E così dopo alcuni mesi, perché tu viaggiavi sempre, ci siamo trovate e vissute. Mi hai sempre portata al limite senza mai superarlo trasmettendomi fiducia, rigore e passione . 

E se ci penso quello che amo di più è che oltre alla pratica, quello che ci contraddistingue è che noi cerchiamo sempre un confronto critico sull’ esistenza  creando ogni volta la nostra filosofia di vita , anche quetso e’ yoga, giusto? 

Lo yoga si condivide e quindi si vive insieme e noi lo abbiamo fatto e lo continueremo a fare anche virtualmente io da Milano e tu nella tua amata Lisbona.

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